Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter shopping

We went Easter shopping today, but without Cadwaladr because he is not allowed in the shops. I wish that dogs will be allowed in the shops in the future! Of course, for that, they must be trained very well.

Anyways, it was fun shopping and I got a very gorgeous shortbread tin can at Marks & Spencer. It was just 5 pounds and it was on offer. As you see in the picture, a crowned Corgi is on the tin! So cute, isn’t it?

I just love shopping there because they have good quality. The things I love the best about Marks & Spencer are their biscuits! They are so delicious! They have many flavours and among them, my favorite is ‘Marks & Spencer Cranberry & Orange Cookies’! I always smell them before I eat. They smell absolutely heavenly--SO good! Sad thing is…of course, its price, so I always buy them only when they are on offer, like 3 for 2.

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