Sunday, 5 May 2013

Llangorse Lake

We love walking up the mountains; however, sometimes, it is nice to just stay among the valleys and fields.

Yesterday, the weather was not so good in the morning as Cadwaladr, the Corgi weather reporter told you. Perhaps, somebody heard his little prayer that he wished to go hiking. The weather  became much nicer after 10:00am. Lucky for him, we could go hiking to walk around Llangorse Lake in the Brecon Beacons National Park. This lake is the largest natural lake in South Wales and it is well known for its birdlife.

Before we started walking the trail, we looked around the area. There were many people enjoying camping and sailing. They all looked relaxed in this beautiful natural environment. The most beautiful thing that caught our puppy's eyes were beautiful swans. They looked very friendly and not scared of people.

If you would like to visit this nice lake for hiking, we must warn you that finding the path to the trail was quite difficult for us as there was no sign. We should have brought our hiking guide with us, but we forgot, so we looked for the map on our phone; it was quite difficult to find it. We got lost for 30 minutes wandering in Llangors. Thanks to the fact that we got lost, we could walk in the pretty village of Llangors. You could easily imagine how happy we were when we found the entrance to the trail. In case anyone reading this blog would like to visit there, the entrance is right opposite the public toilets and parking area. You must walk on a grassy track until you cross a bridge over a stream. From there the trail is signposted very well. :)

Finally we could start our hiking! Yes! Although someone with short legs already had had enough fun walking in the pretty village. I wonder why this little shaggy creature has such energy! He never gets tired.

As we followed the trail, Mr. Shorty Legs went off the trail and he went to somewhere...somewhere that caught his eye! Unfortunately, it was where we did not want him to go ever! Actually, we would not imagine someone would want to go there!

Our little Corgi jumped into a slurry pit. This pit was full of farm animals' poop.

'Oh, I think I have nice smell on me! Is it a brand new perfume? Corgi Numero 5 by Coco Corgi?'

Oh, dear! No, dear! OMG!

After this accident, we had to walk with Mr. Stinky Happy Corgi. Despite the fact that his family were quite annoyed by his smell, Cadwaladr looked really happy walking in the fields. Here is some evidence...

The trail leads to a bird watching house on the south shore of the lake. We did not realize how much we stank until we entered the lovely bird watching house. There was a couple just before us who were enjoying the view. We did not disturb them, but they left the house right after we--him, maybe--entered. Well, we did not notice because we were in the field, but once we entered the house, we recongnized his stinkyness.

This is the view from the bird watching house.

'I'm very sorry for the nice hikers.'
Yes! You should feel sorry for them! You stink, Cadwaladr!

Well, except for his naughtiness, we enjoyed our hiking.
Yes. Very much.


P.S. We must tell you that the most horrible event was waiting for us. I'm sure you can guess.
Yes! Driving home with him on the back seat of our car. He smelled so bad!!! The drive home seemed endless. But cadwaladr slept like an angel all the way home--a smelly angel.


  1. There's nothing better than smelling like farm animal poop! Cadwaladr thought he was doing you a favor ;-)

    1. Exactly! It seemed he was so proud of himself after that accident! :(