Sunday, 12 May 2013

New Puppy Class

Bore da! Good morning!

This is Cadwaladr.

On May 4th, I went to Llangorse Lake with my family and I went straight to bed after I came home. You know, I was exhausted. Ever since then, my parents keep calling me 'Mr. Dirty Herbert'. What does it mean? I think I know it doesn't mean nice! How dare they! Especially, my Daddy, he makes fun of me a lot! He says to me that I should sell a new perfume after my experience in Llangorse Lake. He is not nice, is he?

Well, some of you might remember that I've finished my puppy class. I thought I graduated! I thought I am not a puppy any more! I thought I am a grown up, a young dog now.


When I woke up on last Sunday morning, Daddy told me that I am starting a new puppy course! He said it is called Puppy Foundation, and is harder than my other classes! Excuse me? I haven't prepared anything! Will I make new friends? Will I be a good student? He should have told me about this earlier! I think all the puppies in the world would agree with me! Parents!

Anyways, I went to my puppy class. We learnt how to heel and we played a lot a lot a lot!!! Oh, I love my puppy class! But there weren't so many friends in this class. My classmates are a Golden Retriever girl and a Malamute boy! They are VERY good friends and they are always together. I wanted to join them, so I jumped around them saying 'Play with me! Can I join you?' and they said 'Yes!'.  How nice they are!

I am looking forward to my next puppy class now!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!



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