Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Waterfall Country 2 : Sgwd Clun-gwyn (Fall of the White Meadow)

Prynhawn da!  Good afternoon!

This is Cadwaladr.

How is your Wednesday going?
My Wednesday is NOT good! My mum was so busy with her gardening this morning and she did not play with me at all! How dare she! So, I did a dirty protest just in front of Daddy's PC desk. She had to clean my mess. I showed her what I thought about her! Yeah!

Well, last Saturday, my family and myself went to Waterfall Country in Ystradfellte, in part of the Brecon Beacons National Park. On the way to the Waterfall Country, I enjoyed the beautiful country scenery from the car window. In this season, we see many lambs in the fields. They were following their mums everywhere. Oh, they are such babies! :)

We parked our car and followed the trail for the waterfalls.
Look at me! I look so happy!

After about an hour walk from the car park, we arrived at the most famous waterfall "Sgwd yr Eira". I will report about it tomorrow!

Well, after we enjoyed the waterfall "Sgwd yr Eira", it was quite late, so we decided to go home.

Now, I want to ask you a question!
Do you follow the trail when you go hiking?

I think we usually do. But my daddy doesn't! He loves to go off the trail and looks at his mobile phone that has GPS and he walks to where it says. On Saturday, he was in that mood again, so we went off the trail. You know what happened to us? There were bogs! My paws and my Daddy's shoes got soaked! We looked very mucky, but for me, it was quite fun! Lol! But not my mum! She looked very grumpy when she had to go into the bogs. Luckily, she has nice hiking boots, so she was fine. I wonder why she complained about going off the trail despite the fact her boots kept her feet dry? But it was just the beginning! My Daddy, he found it was not a good way to head for our car, so he decided to go back to the trail! We had to go into the bogs again! Can you imagine how angry my mum was? Lol!

Anyways, we went back to the trail, and we went to see "Sgwd Clun-gwyn" which means "fall of the white meadow" in English. It was very powerful!

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