About Graigcoch

Hi, everyone!

My name is Graigcoch. Please to meet you!
I am a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and I was born on August 18, 2013.
My name is a Welsh name which means 'red rock' in English.
My nickname is Graig. You can call me Graig if you want because I know 'Graigcoch' is difficult to say!

My parents think I am a tough guy as I have never cried when I took my injections. Not like my elder brother, Cadwaladr! Lol! But I think I am not so tough. I miss my mum, my brothers and sisters, so I cried a lot after I moved in to my new home. According to my parents, my brother didn't cry at all when he first came here! I think he's great! Now I have my new brother, but he was all alone then. Isn't he pawsome?

Here are some of my hobbies...

1) Eating puppy food!
   My parents think I'm food crazy! How dare they!

2) Playing with my brother!
   He can run SO fast! He is like a pocket rocket!
   I wonder if I can be like him...

3) Patroling the garden!

I am going to start my adventure with my brother, Cadwaladr!
You will hear from us quite often, I hope. :)

So long, everybody!


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