Sunday, 5 January 2014


Hello, everyone.
This is Cadwaladr reporting from the rainy UK.
The weather has been so bad today! I could not go hiking! It is so annoying because I LOVE hiking! The weather is very bad in the UK at the moment. It just seems to rain all the time. I am looking forward to spring time when I can do lots of hiking! Yeah! Anyway, it was not possible to go hiking today, so I was very bored, but I cheered myself up by thinking about our hiking trip last Sunday.
Last Sunday, my family and I went to the Brecon Beacons which is my favourite place in the whole world! We decided that we would climb to the top of Corn Du to test Graigcoch’s hiking ability! As we began climbing I could see that my mum and dad seemed to be quite cold. They were wearing warm winter coats, wooly hats, scarves, and gloves, but they still seemed to be very cold! I am lucky because we Corgis have double coats which are water resistant. I felt quite cosy, and my brother Graigcoch looked very cosy, too!
As we looked to the top of Corn Du we could see that it was covered with snow and as we were climbing higher the weather seemed to be getting worse. At the bottom of the trail there was no snow at all, but as we climbed higher, the grass was slowly being covered by a blanket of snow. My daddy wanted to take some pictures, but when he got his camera out it was so cold that his hands were freezing and he could not take even one picture. As for me, I felt quite cosy and warm. Oh, I love my Corgi coat! Graigcoch was having a nice time, too! He could meet lots of nice hikers and he was enjoying saying hello to everyone he met.
As we reached the top the weather became quite bad. There was a snowstorm at the top of Corn Du!  My dad could not see the trail because of the snow storm, so he said we must turn back. But before we did, my daddy said he must take just one picture. Oh, my daddy is quite stubborn, I think, because it was not good weather for taking pictures. Anyway, after he took his picture we started back down the trail to the bottom. As we climbed lower the weather got much better. The snow slowly turned back to grass.
Me and Graigcoch at the top of Corn Du.
When we reached the bottom we looked back up to the top of Corn Du, but we could not see anything. Corn Du had disappeared underneath the snowstorm. I really enjoyed our hiking trip last Sunday, but I felt sorry for my mum and dad who do not have fur coats like me and my brother Graigcoch. They must have been so cold!  

Tara now!


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