Friday, 3 January 2014

Graigcoch's injections.

Today, I want to tell you about the day when Graigcoch had his second injections at the vets because it was quite surprising how different it was to the time when Cadwaldr had his injections.

Having Graigcoch come to our home was quite difficult because he could not go for walks until he had had his injections. Cadwaladr loves hiking, so we could not stay at home. We were not sure what we should do. We did not want to leave Graigcoch on his own, but Cadwaladr needed to go hiking to release his energy. We thought that one of us could take Cadwaladr hiking and one of us could stay at home with Graigcoch, but this did not seem very nice. Finally, we realised what we should do!

Graigcoch will fit in our shopping bag!

We decided that Graigcoch would be safe going hiking as long as he did not touch the floor, so for many weeks we would go hiking with Graigcoch in our shopping bag. He really enjoyed the fresh air and he was quite safe from infection as long as he stayed in the bag.

Finally, the day came for Graigcoch to have his second injections. When we got to the vets we were quite nervous as we had had trouble with Cadwaladr. When Cadwaladr had his second injections he cried SO much that the vet had to get extra help from a nurse to hold him still. The vet was quite shocked at how much of a wimp Cadawaldr was. Well, things were quite different with Graigcoch! The vet gave him his injection and he did not even feel it! He is quite a tough guy, it seems. Or maybe it is just Cadwaladr. He has always been very sensitive. Anyway...

Finally, after a few more days of waiting, Graigcoch was able to come hiking with us without the shopping bag.


  1. Hiking is going to be so much fun now and as for the shopping bag??????? well it is now for shopping. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Good job on not crying at the vets! Beamer gets a treat when he gets his injection, so he doesn't even notice it!