About Me

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Cadwaladr, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I was born in December 14, 2012. My name 'Cadwaladr' means the leader of the battle, but everyone says I am the leader of the wimps. How dare they! Lol!

I am the only boy from the litter. I have 4 sisters. Before I came to my new home, my new family were told by the breeders that I am the greedy one in the litter. I was not so chubby at that time, so they didn't believe it at first; however, right after they started living with me, they found out they were right. Yes! I am the greedy one! So what!? Lol!

My hobby?

I love to chew, so my family sometimes call me 'Mr. Chewy'.


Another my hobby is to be chased! But there is no picture taken yet! My photographer is too slow to photo shoot me!

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