Tuesday, 31 December 2013

First snow for Graigcoch.

Hello, everybody! This is Cadwaladr! 
Are you well? I hope so! 

I want to tell you about the first time my little brother Graigcoch saw snow. Me and my family woke up on Christmas day and we looked out of the window. Can you guess what we saw? Oh, it was not snow! The weather was terrible on Christmas morning where we live. It was raining! I wanted a white Christmas—not rain! Bad luck for me and my family, it seemed. Anyway, although it was raining we had a nice time opening our Christmas presents! We listened to Christmas carols as we took turns opening our gifts. It was very fun!

As you all know, I love hiking, so later that day my mummy and daddy said that we would go hiking! Yeah for me! I love to go hiking even when it rains! We all got ready and got into our car. Graigcoch does not like to stay still for very long, so he gets very grumpy when we are driving somewhere in our car. He is such a baby! Don't you think so? I like to relax on the back seat of our car. I get quite sleepy!

Finally, after quite a long drive we arrived. My mummy and daddy put our leads on us and opened the car door. I could not believe what I saw next! The ground was covered with SNOW!!! Yeah!!! I felt very excited! Graigcoch had not seen snow before, so he was very interested! I think he liked the snow a lot! He was digging with his paws! Our family could have a white Christmas and Graigcoch could see his first snow. Christmas day was SO pawsome for us! I think I am a very lucky corgi!

Tara now,


Monday, 30 December 2013

My Daddy's slippers!

Hi, everyone! It's me Cadwaladr. 
Are you all well? I hope so! 

I want to tell you about my daddy's slippers! I like them a lot! They are very soft, so I use them as my pillow sometimes! Oh, and they smell very good! I like to put my nose right inside. They smell of my daddy's feet! My mummy says that my daddy's feet smell bad, but I think they smell wonderful! Sometimes, I feel so cosy with my nose inside my daddy's slippers that I fall asleep. I dream about nice hiking trips with my daddy and mummy! In my dreams, the air smells like my daddy's slippers!

Sometimes, Graigcoch steals my daddy's slippers when he takes them off. He tries to chew them! I tell him, “No! Stop it, Graig! If you destroy them daddy will get new slippers that don't smell good!”

Anyway, I am going now to look for my daddy's slippers! :) I hope Graigcoch has not stolen them again!

Tara now,


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cadwaladr won the prize.

All hail to Cadwaladr for he is the king of Christmas dinner. He won the prize from the Christmas cracker! But King Cadwaladr was not happy with his prize. He did not want his bag of marbles. Poor King Cadwaladr! Maybe the next prize he wins will be more fun for a Corgi. Cheer up, Cadawaladr! You are the King of Christmas dinner!

“I wanted a chewy bone! Not marbles!” :(

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Graigcoch's ears

Hello, everyone! :)
How is your day going so far? This Cadwaladr!

I want to talk to you about my little brother's ears. They are very interesting! I have known my little brother for just a couple of months, but in that time his ears have changed SO much! My mum and dad have told me that my ears have always been pointed. I think you have all seen my puppy pictures, haven't you? Well, my brother's ears are changing all the time! They never stay still.

At first his ear were very flat and flopped forward near his eyes.

Then they started to point sideways.

Slowly, they started trying to point up to the sky!

They were almost pointed, but his right ear has given up trying to be pointy, it seems! He now has one almost pointed ear, and one floppy ear. I wonder what happened? Is it normal? I think my mum is a little worried about it. Can I ask all you readers with dogs with pointed ears some advice. Do you think my brother's right ear is okay? I hope so! I like his ears a lot! They are much bigger than mine! His hearing is excellent. He can hear when mum is serving us our dinner and he runs to the kitchen and gets very excited! Has my mum told you that he is food crazy? He really is!

Anyway, I'm going to play with my brother for a while now. We like to chase each other a lot. It is so fun having my little brother to play with! Yeah!!!

Tara now,



Friday, 27 December 2013


This is Cadwaladr.

I have some pawsome news to tell you!

Some of you might have noticed already...

Now I've got a stepbrother.

Introducing him to you...

Graigcoch, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi!
Graigcoch means 'red rock' in Welsh.

He came to us in October.

I LOVE playing with my little brother!
He looks cute, doesn't he?
But sometimes he is annoying!
He has so much energy!

I think I will need to change the title of my blog...
What shall I call it ?!


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day!

Hiya, everyone!
This is Cadwaladr.

How's your Boxing Day so far?

It's been a long time, hasn't it?
I'm sorry about that!
But, you see, I can't type so well with my paws and my mummy's been very busy (Actually, I think just LAZY!!).
You've probably wondered where I've been.
Well, I've been here with my daddy and mummy doing all the usual things, mainly hiking which is my favourite thing to do.
I'll report all about my journey. Don't worry, everyone!
You won't miss my story even though it may be a little late.

Tara now!


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas, everyone!