Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ridge Walking 2 ( Ridge Bwlch & Puppy Play With A Lamb)

After we reached the top of Craig y Fan Ddu, we started some LOVELY ridge walking! It is called Ridge Bwlch. Cadwaladr told us to upload the video saying that he'd like to share his wonderful experience with you. The white spots you see in this video are sheep beneath the ridge.

Quiz Time !

Can you tell the difference betweent these 2 pictures?

In the second picture, you see Mr. Chewy Cadwaladr. This natural stream with cubic rocks caught our eyes. It suddenly appeared after quite a long ridge walk. It seemed Cadwaladr enjoyed this stream, so he kept going back and forward a lot.

We must not forget that Cadwaladr is a Welsh Corgi and this breed is for herding--herding sheep. Corgis drive the herd forward by nipping at their heels and working them from behind in semicircles. This time, we could see that he is for sure a Corgi. As you saw the pictures in the article 'Dear Insomniacs', we have quite many sheep here. Cadwaladr didn't care about them so much; however, this time, he met some sheep on the ridge and his natral instinct made him follow them!

Let me enlarge this picture a little....
We may find something.


Cadwaladr is trying to play with a lamb!!!!!!!

Lamb : 'Mummy, what is this fox like creature?'
Mummy Sheep : 'Stay away from this!'
                             'This is called Corgi! Our arch enemy!!'

Cadwaladr: 'Daaaaaad! Mummy sheep tried to kick me!'
Mummy Sheep: 'Go away, Corgi! '
Cadwaladr: 'I just wanted to have some puppy play with your cute little lamb!'

(To be continued...) Cadwaladr.


  1. Hi Cadwaladr. Nice to meet you! You are the cutest corgi pup ever. Corgis are one of my favourite breeds, hands down! I spotted the difference between the two pictures. I had a feeling that you would be in one of the pictures and I was right.

    That's one good sheep mom, protecting her baby like that. We're your newest follower :)

  2. Cadwaladr does look quite foxy in the pictures. It's not surprising Mummy Sheep was suspicious!

  3. Oh my to be continued, yikes what happens next?????? Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. That stream is gorgeous, can't believe it's natural! You look like you are having such a fantastic time trying to play with the sheep.

  5. gorgeous stream! Mean old Mamma sheep, not letting her baby play with such a cutie like you! :)