Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cadwaladr's Eyes

Our Cadwaladr has such character.

When he was little he used to have beautiful grey eyes just like the ones David Bowie has. They were so beautiful and they made him look very intelligent, too. Because his eyes were quite unique for a puppy at that time, we were often asked by the people if he was a fox. He certainly looked like a little fox with little short legs. But as he's gotten older, they changed to a darker colour.

'I looked very intelligent with my grey eyes!'


And he is very wimpy. He easily gives a yelp at mere trifles. At first, every time he yelped, we thought we were handling him roughly, but we weren't. We tried to take care of him very nicely as he left his parents so young. He was just 2 months old when he came to us. He was so little and soft, and he smelled like biscuits. We liked smelling him a lot when he was little. Now he is becoming a young dog, so he's lost his nice biscuit smell mostly. Anyways, Cadwaladr, he is a wimp. We found his wimpy character when we first went to his puppy class. His teacher tried to touch his collar gently. It was the only thing he tried to do, but our puppy gave a yelp. And during the puppy class he easily shows his belly to other puppies, saying 'I surrender!'. We know we've got a wimpy puppy, but he is very gentle. Cadwaladr, thank you so much for coming to us! You are our angel.

I am not a wimp! My name is Cadwaladr which means the leader of the battle!’


Oh, Cadwaladr, we think you are the leader of the wimps. But we love you just as you are!

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