Sunday, 14 April 2013

'I was good in the class!'

Hello, everyone!

This is Cadwaladr reporting from the rainy UK.

As my Mum wrote before, we were planning to go hiking this weekend, but the weather’s not been good, so we could not go. It’s Sunday and I had my puppy class. To tell you the truth, I was a little worried going to my class today because I knew I was not a good student in the class. My teacher tells me I don’t have to worry so much, but I already went there 3 times and still I sometimes sit in the corner on my own. So, I wondered what it would be like today, and I know my parents worry about my timidness, too.

But guess what? I can tell you that I was a little different today!! I could feel I grew up a little! There was no chance for me to be alone because I had a good time there!

Today, my Daddy and I practiced walking along the agility course. You know, the agility course? Those wonderful Border Collies enjoy doing agility courses! Have you ever watched CRUFTS? I love it! In the course, there were 3 bars to jump, and some poles to go through. Anyways, my Daddy held a bowl filled with treats, and I followed him because I wanted those treats! They looked good! I knew if I could do a good performance, I could get my treats!

You know that I don’t have long legs? Everyone did not think I could jump the bars, but I DID! Yeah! I could hear everyone say ‘Oh……!’ In the course there were some points where I had to go down and I did that, too! And I could play with my friends a lot today. I thought I was a wimp, but I felt very good today in the class! Above all, the happiest thing was my teacher, my Daddy and my Mummy; they looked so happy seeing my performance because they worry about my wimpy character a lot. Now, I feel I am a little closer to my friends who are very good!

After my class, I was so tired and I slept in the backseat of my car. I love this seat. Cars are very convenient. They can take us everywhere! I wish I could drive a car!

After I came home, I practiced again what I learned in the class with my Daddy. I could see how happy he was today! I feel so good to have made him happy! For a reward, my Mummy gave me some apples for my desert today!

‘It was a good day for me! ’

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