Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Peanut Butter Experiment

Our Cadwaladr loves to chew everything and it is the biggest problem for us. When we go for a walk, he keeps looking down at the floor and he eats everything on the street. Stones, leaves, pine cones, etc... We know we must stop him because he could be in a big trouble. I often hear about dogs who need surgery to open their bellies to take the things they ate out. We are trying to watch him very carefully not to let him eat things, but it is not working so far. We are going to ask his puppy class teacher how we can solve this problem.

He got his new toy 'Kong' recently and he likes it quite a lot. We heard that we can spread peanut butter inside, and we were so sure that he would go crazy smelling and licking his new toy. And as I said, he loves EVERYTHING. We were ready to watch him to go crazy, but we found we were wrong.

He smelled and licked it a few times, and his face turned very sad and he went to his bed.

' No peanut butter, please! '

We usually don't have peanut butter, so we went to the supermarket only for your peanut butter today! Give us back our time and money, Cadwaladr! However, I think it would work to stop him eating everything he sees on the ground if we could spread peanut butter everywhere.

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