Monday, 15 April 2013


Sunny, cloudy and rainy.
Since we could not go hiking last weekend, we visited Garwnant to do some forest walks. There is a nice Scandinavian looking Visitor Centre at Garwnant. We did not go there this time because we did not have time, but next time, we will visit there to have some tea. They have nice handmade cakes. They look very delicious.
There are three forest walking courses in Garwnant: the Puzzle Trail, the Willow Walk, and the Wern Walk. This time we tried the Puzzle Trail and the Wern Walk.

The Puzzle Trail takes about 30 minutes to go around and it is a fun course for children! They have 12 kinds of statues of animals. We took quite many pictures of them, but the best shot was him with a snake! And there was a beautiful fox, too! I thought he was talking to the statue saying 'Are you my mum?'


After the Puzzle Trail, we tried the Wern Walk that takes 1 hour to go around. It was quite a tough course for us because some trees were down because of some recent storms. But Cadwaladr, he was tough enough to jump over the trees. He was having fun with this natural agility course.

It was very refreshing and it was good exercise for me. Right after we left Garwnant to go home, it started raining heavily and the sky became dark with rain clouds. We picked just the right time to come home!

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