Tuesday, 16 April 2013


It was a sunny day.

We went to Talybont Reservoir today to do some hiking. The sky was very clear. There are many farms near Talybont reservoir and there were many sheep and lambs in the fields. We could hear 'Baaa!' a lot. When we arrived there, it was their lunch time, so a tractor was driving around the fields to deliver their lunch. The sheep and the lambs were running towards their  lunch; they looked like white clouds moving.

Well, today, we tried to walk Cadwaladr without his lead for the first time as the trail was quite empty. We were a little worried about him picking things up on the trail; however, he found some nice twigs and he carried them in his mouth. With his mouth full it was impossible for him to pick up anything else which could have been dangerous to his health. 

Cadwaladr ran and ran happily on the trail. Seeing him like that, we felt truly happy to go hiking with him. Of course, it is fun to go hiking with people, but it is much more wonderful with dogs! Cadwaladr is just 4 months old, but he is very fit and tough. He surely is a born hiker.

Cadwaladr was fine walking without his lead because we did not see any other people or dogs today; however, we felt strongly that we should teach him to 'Come' on command.  The theme for this week is to teach Cadwalader to 'Come!'. We hope our Cadwaladr will be like one of the dogs without leads we met at the top of Corn Du.

We had fun! Thank you, Cadwaladr!

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