Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Night in the Kitchen

One night, Cadwaladr’s owner came home very late and he went to the kitchen where Cadwaladr was sleeping in his cosy bed. He tried to be as quiet as possible not to wake up his cute puppy, but Cadwaladr woke up and they cuddled each other for a while. Cadwaladr LOVES to climb up and sit on our laps a lot.
After a while, he was satisfied sitting on his owner’s lap and he went to drink some water, after his drink he started walking elegantly to his bed. Seriously, he walks so elegantly. :)
Next moment, the accident happened.
Yes. He passed a very loud gas.
And he did not know it was him! He was very surprised at the noise he made and he looked back and sniffed as if he was saying...
‘What was that strange noise!?!?!?! And it smells SO interesting!!!!!!’


Oh dear, Cadwaladr, it was you who made the strange noise and the interesting smell. You passed a gas! And for your information, your gas is quite smelly! But I bet you didn’t know about this!

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