Saturday, 6 April 2013

Corn Du

It's April, but the air is still chilly. We are having good weather the past few days, and it was a very sunny day today with a blue sky. Since it was a good weather we went hiking with Cadwaladr to Corn Du in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Our little puppy is a born hiker, and he loves exploring the world! There was no snow in the foothills; however, the trail was covered with snow and we could see big icicles there.

We met quite many friendly dogs on the way and all of them were without a lead. Cadwaladr is still training, so he was the only one with his lead. Since it was a snow trail, it was quite a tough course going up, but he looked so happy walking up the snow covered trail! We could see he was enjoying his hiking from his wagging tail. On the way, some hikers said to us 'It must be a tough course for him, you must carry him!'. We thought so, too. But Cadwaladr was tough enough to make his own way, so sometimes he pulled us going up! Lol!

When we reached the top of Corn Du, he had some apples and we had tea and digestive biscuits.
Having tea as we see spectacular scenery is the best thing to do!

As we were going down there was less snow and more mud on the trail. Cadwalade had become VERY dirty: his short legs and his belly...everywhere!
We enjoyed hiking to Corn Du a lot!!!!

When we came home, what was waiting for him was BATH TIME! He loves hiking, but it always comes with bath time which he does not like so much.
And now, here he is after 5 hours of hiking, very exhausted. Sleeping like an angel.

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