Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Planet Chewy

Our Cadwaladr chews everything. Everything! His bed, our Crocs, the carpet, the telephone line and the coffee table. Seriously, he chews everything he sees. I would have no wonder if someone told me he was from the Planet Chewy. For prevention, we try to hide everything we can and we try to clear everything in his room; however, the Chewy genius still chews. He noticed there was nothing to chew, but he found the pipe of the radiator. We give him chewy toys, but he loves chewing the things that we don't want him to chew. So we searched what we could do for him. It said that bitter apple spray works for this problem, so we ordered it. We did not have so much trust before we tried it, but it really worked! And we sprayed everywhere he likes to chew. Spray here, spray there! And it's all gone! We must order this again for Mr. Chewy Cadwaladr.

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