Monday, 8 April 2013

Sugar Loaf

This Saturday, if the weather is fine, we will go hiking to Sugar Loaf mountain in Monmouthshire which is 1,955 feet high. What a yummy name for a mountain!!!!It has been one of our dreams to go hiking with dogs, so since Cadwaladr has come to us, one of our dreams has come true. I really think dogs are wonderful. They are the best companions for human beings.

Luckily, Cadwaladr is a born hiker! When he was very little, he used to climb up the sofa a lot. He looked like he was training himself to climb Mount Everest.

Dogs are wonderful because they already have natural hiking equipment; their paws and their warm fur coats are great for hiking. Compared to dogs, we, human beings need quite a lot! Hiking boots, walking poles, rain wear, etc.

Today, he has got a new toy,Kong Classic Toy, Medium. When he gets a new toy, he always jumps around before he starts playing with it, without exception, so he jumped around before he played with his Kong. We put his treat in it, so he played with it crazily!!!! Corgis are a quite intelligent breed, so it seemed very easy for him to get his treat.

'Don't disturb me!!!!!!!!'

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