Friday, 5 April 2013

Honey Nuts Roast Salad

Honey nuts roast salad is my family's favourite, so I often cook this salad. I especially love the honey roasted nut topping. It is very easy to cook, but it makes the salad more delicious. I always cool them in the freezer after roasting, so they can be easily broken into pieces. When I cook this salad it becomes the main dish for dinner. It tastes so good, and we can have lots of vegetables. Today I have used salad spinach, rocket, lettuce, yellow pepper and carrot. Since it was Easter last week, I think we ate too much. I wonder how many chocolates we had last week. We must cut down on sugar to stay healthy. And now we are trying to eat healthy this week. But chocolates and biscuits are too tempting to resist them. And now I am trying to study baking, but I also want to stay healthy. I know it sounds very paradoxical.


This one needs to be stay fit,too. He is getting chubby these days because he eats quite a lot.

‘Give me more! MORE!'

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