Saturday, 13 April 2013


Typical UK weather. We planned to go hiking today, but it's raining outside now. I hope it will be good weather tomorrow, then we will go to Sugar Loaf as we planned.

Early this morning it was not raining, so Cadwaladr and I went for a long walk. It is refreshing walking in the morning. The birds were singing beautifully. We met a nice Labrador Retriever and a Bulldog. It is very good for Cadwaladr to meet many people and many dogs. And this season there are cute lambs on the farm. I try to introduce him to sheep and lambs then he will get used to them when he goes hiking. We don't want him to chase sheep and we don't want him to disturb their peace in the mountains. When we go for a walk, we always meet nice people on our way. I think the UK is the best dog loving country in the world.

After we came home, I had my breakfast. I usually have Fruit & Fibre for my breakfast. It is quite good for my health. I always check online news as I eat my breakfast. And after that, I check what is in the fridge and think about what to cook for dinner. Today, I found a cabbage, some carrots, a leak, some spinach and a lettuce. I don't know what to cook. I am not a good cook, so I don't have many choices. Sometimes it is a little annoying to think what to cook. I must study cooking more.

Well...I think I will cook leek gratin and honey roast nut salad today. We still have some soup left from yesterday. When I cook leek gratin, I use, a leek, an onion, and a tin of chopped tomatoes for the sauce. Ah, have we got some cheese? No. Oh well, I must start again!

In the afternoon, Cadwaladr and his daddy went out to visit his family. Cadwaladr loves visiting them because his best friend lives there. He loves his daddy's father (his grandfather!) A LOT. Dogs know the people who love dogs, don't they? His best friend, he has had many dogs, so he is very good at playing with Cadwaladr. I think he is the best person to play with Cadwaladr. Everytime he comes home after playing with his best friend, he is so tired and looks fluffy like in these pictures.

Step 1 'I can't stand any more! Too much fun for me!'

Step 2 'Daddy, take me to my bed, please!'


Step 3 'Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!'(He snores.)



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